LE BESTIAIRE D’HICHEM  &  L'ERRANCE EST HUMAINE, 2 shows - 1 fairground space


Show for a young audience -  6 +

concept and stage direction Jeanne Mordoj - performers  Hichem Chérif & Julia Brisset - musical designer and sound designer Mathieu Werchowski - light designer Jean-Yves Courcoux - scenography  Jeanne Mordoj & Yvett Rotscheid - costums Yvett Rotscheid - construction Silvain Ohl - light manager Manuel Majastre - stage manager Eric Grenot



In November 2016, Jeanne Mordoj created FIL-FIL with 3 apprentices from the Académie Fratellini. It was her first staging and aimed at very young audiences. She wished to continue this meeting with children and to propose a new circus play for the young public. She chose to entrust the interpretation to Hichem Chérif and Julia Brisset, two of the protagonists of FIL-FIL.

In an arena that brings us closer to the artists, an acrobat and a tightrope walker take us on a joyful and disturbing journey into animal strangeness. This show with few words, where the bodies speak, puts us face to face with the raw energy of the animal. A vibrant ode to the vivid imagination, whether you’re six or taller.

Like an animal tamer of carnival, Hichem exposes the animals that live within him. Without masks or artifices, he changes his nature and becomes quadruped, bird, primate. The acrobat does not monkey the beast, but by a posture, a glance, a leap, all breathtakingly truthful to nature, he imposes his presence, his spirit. The jovial exuberance of the dog makes us laugh. The melancholic swing of the chimpanzee moves us. The astonished nobility of the wading bird on the ground captivates us, and the phlegmatic power of the impassive wild beast fascinates us. They make us shudder too by their indomitable savagery and their unpredictable leaps.

The space is also full of surprises, the platform has secret hatches and suddenly reveals Hichem’s accomplice. This enigmatic girl plays alongside him, plays with him for the time of a song, then evaporates and comes back again. A game of hide and seek begins to better tame and find each other.

This lively bestiary, full of humor, invigorates the imagination and opens it to possible stories. You can read in it a wonderful tale in which the hero is the victim of an enchantment, a fantastic fable with a creature both man and beast, a funny adventure of initiatory trance, or the dream of a young man who unleashes his personal demons. Unless it is actually a game to be freer.

Fairground shows with tamed animals confront us with the prodigy of an animal as «intelligent» as the human. Jeanne Mordoj shows the prodigy of a human as «instinctive» as an animal. She pays tribute to the sheer powerful presence of animals. Just here, in the moment. Source of surprise and wonder. LE BESTIAIRE D’HICHEM transmits to the youngest the taste to play intensely, to invent oneself off the beaten track, to dare to cross the barrier of conventions. To others, he reminds us that once childhood is behind us, we must have fun creating, to continue to discover and know each other.

Accessible starting 6 years old, LE BESTIAIRE D’HICHEM questions the notions of transgression and transformation. Questions that will certainly have a particular resonance in children who precisely enter the age when they are asked to be reasonable.

Naly Gérard - Feb.2019


 In this fairground solo, Jeanne Mordoj engages in the meanders of creation. She clears before us a path that is not rectilinear, through the desert of doubts and its quicksands, climbing steep paths, thwarting the sticks that are put, by oneself, in the wheels, bursting into sudden enlightments. In the center of the arena, in this place of exhibition, with her body, her voice, and the paper, the artist becomes a carrier of these wanderings and their treasures, far from banal life.

Under our eyes, she tightrope walks, like on eggs. In turn vacillating and resolute, perplexed and peaceful, serious and burlesque, she stands in the thick of the moment. She performs every act as if it was invented on the spot. The singing, the speech, the ventriloquist’s voice reveal the discordances and the quarrels underground. The paper, fragile and resistant material, true partner, reflects her changing states. She unrolls it, cuts it out, crumples it, sculpts it, paints it, kneads it. It is used as a stage curtain, a screen, a facade for her moods, as skins and multiple masks. Fantastic headdress and queen adornments, too. A blank panel where to hatch by drawing a horde of ferociously alive women.

Throughout ephemeral transformations of matter and games with appearances, Jeanne Mordoj constantly reinvents herself. This «self-portrait of the wandering artist», this fairground portrayal, gives us a mirror where everyone can see themselves, unvarnished, and probe their own uncertainties. How to welcome our aimless wanderings, those who seem as failures of ourselves? What to answer to the small voice that holds back our impulses? What do we do with our desire to disappear? How to keeps on our toes the present time?

A quietly destabilizing show, closely following the arabesque path of creation. Let us accept the invite.

Naly Gérard - Feb 2019

LE BESTIAIRE D'HICHEM & L'ERRANCE EST HUMAINE, une production compagnie BAL en coproduction avec Le Cirque-Théâtre d'Elbeuf, pôle national des arts du cirque de Normandie. Les Subsistances, laboratoire international de recherche artistique – Lyon, Les 2 Scènes, scène nationale de Besançon, Tandem, scène nationale - Douai, Le Carré, scène nationale du pays de Château-Gontier, Le Carré Magique, pôle national cirque en Bretagne - Lannion Trégor.
Avec le soutien du Cube / cie La Belle Meunière - Hérisson, de l’Académie Fratellini, centre d’art et de formation aux arts du cirque, du Plus Petit Cirque du Monde - Bagneux , de Crying out Loud - Londres (GB) et de la Ville de Besançon, du Département du Doubs, de la région Bourgogne-Franche-Comté , de la DRAC Bourgogne-Franche-Comté au titre de l’aide au projet et du Ministère de la Culture – commission nationale d’aide à la création pour les arts du cirque.

La compagnie BAL est soutenue par la DRAC Bourgogne-Franche Comté.

© Géraldine Aresteanu


solo fairground show created and interpreted by Jeanne Mordoj

coach Pierre Meunier  - sound designer and musician Mathieu Werchowski  lights designer Jean-Yves Courcoux - scenography Jeanne Mordoj & Yvett Rotscheid  - costums Yvett Rotscheid  - choreography Olivia Cubero conception & construction Silvain Ohl - lights manager Manuel Majastre stage manager Eric Grenot